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Three Pieces of Advice for Better MPG

No matter the state of your bank account, you will always want to get the best gas mileage possible when you drive. You may have even purchased a brand new car that promises the best EPA-rated MPG of them all. While this is a good start, there are still other ways that you can save on gas every time that you drive. Read on to find out how:

  • Only brake when you have to and then softly. Of course, you should always be ready to hit the brakes when necessary. But avoiding hard stops and starts will save gas.
  • Don’t commute during rush hour. This may be easier said than done, but idling your vehicle in bumper-to-bumper traffic uses more gas than most people realize.
  • Take off any excess weight. Unload that packed trunk or take the bikes off of the bike rack for better mileage.

Utilizing these three bits of advice can make a difference in how much gas you use every day that you drive.

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