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How to Stay Safe & Clean When Your Dog Rides in Your Lincoln Vehicle

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You drive a Lincoln because you deserve the best. Naturally, your best friend does, too—even though he can be a little dirty. You would never let your human passengers eat in the car, because you don't want crumbs all over the supple leather seats, but you love Rover too much to complain about all the hair and drool.

Driving with your dog doesn't have to hurt your vehicle. There is one step Bowling Green pet-parents can take to make the ride cleaner and safer.

Secure your dog in a crate.

We all love the image of a dog hanging its head out the window, tongue flopping in the wind. Some pet owners think it's mean to lock their pup up, but if you consider what would happen in an accident, the safety benefit of crating is clear. The Center for Pet Safety has a list of crash-tested dog crates for the car.

The added benefit is that all the fur and muddy paws stay contained, and off the leather.

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