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Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

Your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system that will tell you when your tire pressure is too low with a light on your dashboard, but sometimes it can turn on if there is a drastic change in temperature. You can generally expect your tire pressure to drop by one psi when the temperature drops ten degrees, and that is enough to set off the TPMS light. If this is the case, the light should turn off once you've driven a short distance.

If your TPMS light stays on, it either means that your tire pressure is low or your TPMS system is acting up. Both of these issues should be addressed sooner rather than later. Inflating your tires to the recommended psi should fix the problem. If the light is still on with properly inflated tires, you might have a faulty TPMS system.

For more information about how to properly care for your tires or your TPMS system, visit the service center at Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales today.


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