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A Busted Battery Isn't Always The Issue. How Can You Tell If Your Ignition Is Shot?

Sometimes, your car may refuse to start, and, at first glance, it may seem like your battery has died. However, if you replace your battery, and your car still won't start, then the problem may be your vehicle's ignition system.

There are a few symptoms of a busted ignition system, which can help you identify whether or not your problem is your ignition before you fork out the cash for a new battery. The hardest to identify is a damaged or destroyed solenoid. Often, when your solenoid is damaged, your car simply won't start. It would be wise to have your vehicle's ignition inspected before looking for a new battery if your car just won't start. Other problems, such as a grinding start gear or a whining noise coming from a freewheeling engine are easier to diagnose and are often signs of a bad ignition system.

If your car isn't starting, and you're not sure why, or if you believe your ignition may need replacement, then come by Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales today! The trained service staff at our Bowling Green, OH service center can help you get your ignition fired up again!


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