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Why Use a Dash Cam

Have you ever been in a car accident or received a moving violation and were told things happened differently than what you believed? If so, you probably wished there had been a camera around, which is why dash cams are becoming so popular. Stop at Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales and talk to our specialists about getting a dash cam, having one installed or just some simple tips on how to use them.

Dash cams are a valuable addition to your vehicle for several reasons.

• They can record what actually happened in a car accident.
• It'll monitor your vehicle…

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Who Provides Vehicle Safety Ratings?

When purchasing a new car, one of the top things to consider is how safe a vehicle is. Two of the top sources for this information are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These two organizations are known as the NHTSA and the IIHS for short.

The IIHS is run by a non-profit organization backed by the nation's insurance companies. The NHTSA is a government institute. Both have great reputations for providing thorough tests and accurate information. The IIHS uses front and side crash tests and also checks safety equipment
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Your Car Needs a Back-to-School Service

It might come as a surprise to some about the complexity of the cooling system in the vehicle. Here are a few areas the mechanic will address during the cooling system maintenance on your vehicle as the new school season is fast upon us yet again.

The thermostat needs to be working perfectly to maintain the temperatures in the engine block. The housing gasket will be checked for signs of leaking.

The water pump is checked for leaks, then the belt is inspected so the pump doesn't fail and the car engine overheats.

The radiator will be checked for…
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The Driving Performance of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a mid-sized luxury car that has room enough to seat five adults in comfort and style. The interior of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has a number of technological features that make driving more fun. The overall performance features of the vehicle are designed to give you a superior driving experience.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is equipped with an adaptive suspension system. This system lets you select the driving mode. In sport mode, you will experience a firm ride. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also comes with electric power-assisted steering. 


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The Lincoln Continental Combines Luxury and Safety

Technology such as the heads-up display make the Lincoln Continental one of the most popular luxury cars on the market. This feature allows you to monitor a variety of information without having to take your eyes off of the road. Information can be read regardless of whether the sun is out or if you are wearing sunglasses.

The 360-degree camera makes it possible to see everything that is going on around you. This is ideal for when you need to squeeze into a tight parking space or back out of the driveway. With cameras positioned throughout the car, you can…

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Lincoln Navigator: The Return of the King

The all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator represents a perfect blend of the pinnacle of luxury with the cutting edge of technology. From the unique powertrain to the body engineered with advanced materials, the Lincoln Navigator is an expertly curated collection of industry firsts.

A tenant of the Lincoln philosophy is to make drivers feel as though they rule the road. Though this concept is commonly relayed through recognition of the brand's superior luxury, Lincoln also puts a keen focus on providing commanding performance...


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Everything is Easier With the Lincoln MKZ

Easy is the way to go for pretty much everything, and when you choose the popular midsize luxury sedan, the Lincoln MKZ, you have many features that will make life easier. Everything from unlocking your car to parking is effortless when you're driving the Lincoln MKZ.

With the Lincoln Way app, you can unlock and even start your vehicle remotely. That's a pretty nice feature for those chilly morning when you want to get into a warm car. And don't forget about the parallel parking feature. This driver assist feature helps you get out of even the…

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High-Tech Performance Features Make Lincoln MKT a Standout

The 2018 Lincoln MKT offers a number of cutting-edge performance features that make it one of the most high-class and high-tech cars on the market.

The new park assist feature actually scans the street for available parking spaces as you drive past. Once the car has helped you locate an appropriate spot, all you have to do is control the gas and breaks and shift into the appropriate gears. The Lincoln MKT does all the rest. Even the cruise control in the Lincoln MKT is advanced. When it senses traffic ahead slowing down, it automatically adjusts its speed, saving you…
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Lincoln MKC Design Features

Lincoln introduced the Lincoln MKC, a compact premium SUV, at an auto show in 2013. The Lincoln MKC remains a popular choice in its class due in part to its roominess and luxury. There are many design features offered by Lincoln. Ambient lighting and auto folding power mirrors are among the details included in the Lincoln MKC.

When you want a choice of interior lighting, simply decide on one that suits your mood. The lighting is visible from the front cupholder console, front and rear footwells, door-release handles, and the storage pockets on the front door. 


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Smart Tips to Avoid a Tire Blowout

Many drivers buy new tires and tend to forget about them until they actually have a problem like a flat tire, or worse yet a blowout. While tire blowouts tend to come as surprises, they generally do not come out of nowhere. Stop at Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales and have us inspect your tires to avoid this type of surprise.

Here are a few smart tips to follow to avoid having a tire blowout.

• Check your tire pressure periodically to ensure your tires are properly inflated to the recommended amounts in your owner’s manual.
• Inspect your tires both…

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